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RopePump: 1986, Rope pumps, a review of ten years experience
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1986, Rope pumps, a review of ten years experience

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1986, Rope Pumps, a Review of Ten Years Experience

Demotech published on the history of her design for the rope pump on behalf of Agromisa, a peridical on Appropriate Technology.
In 1986 we worked in a project, first on Bandung/Java, then on the island of Ceram. The journey to Ceram was on constructing wells. Our visit to Bandung was to see what had come of out introduction of the rope pump in Indonesia in 1979.
Demotech's team member Valentina Julien traveled over East Java and asked around if people knew about the "Pompa Tali". She found in small villages a hundred rope pumps, made pictures and notes on its performance, retraced when and why its was build on who's inititative.
Of her findings we made a report, facinating, because of the very many different ways in which the introduction of the rope pump worked out.
This well documented report on an autonomous spread of a new technlogy in a short period deserves it to be published. Some day we hope to find time for it. However the conclusions and a summary of this report are part of the following paper.

RopePump: 1986, Rope pumps, a review of ten years experience
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