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Bridging the Digital Divide: KITE, Keys to Information, Technology, and Education
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KITE, Keys to Information, Technology, and Education

Please visit KITE describes the value of having access to Internet from the viewpoint of development. Furthermore they give an exellent report on what is Linux specially and Open Source in general. Citing from their article, which is worthwhile reading:
Furthermore, it would be a mistake to think that Linux is inherently inappropriate for the Third World just because it is currently more inaccessible to Joe Average computer user than Microsoft products are. As any development practitioner who lives in or has traveled to the Third World knows, the "Save the Children" image of Africa, Asia, and Latin America shows only one part of the picture. Pockets of abject poverty certainly exist, and the average income of people in the developing world is much lower than in industrialized nations, but nearly all of these countries have a cadre of highly-skilled programmers who lack things like funding, software, reliable internet access, and equipment -- but not knowledge or expertise. Most of them would prefer to stay in their home countries and contribute to the support and development of technological projects that help advance the interests of their own families and communities. Unfortunately, the lack of hardware, supportive infrastructure, and subsequently job opportunities is leading many of these talented people out of their native countries and into the First World, which contributes to the much-lamented "brain drain" [Shah, 1998; Todaro, 1989].

Another group handling discarted computers for dev projects:

Bridging the Digital Divide: KITE, Keys to Information, Technology, and Education
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