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Hy2U for washing hands: Hy2U Beauty Contest for the Water Bags
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Hy2U Beauty Contest for the Water Bags

The cloth water bags should amaze! They are water bags, but made from cloth that is not water thight. And more, they look so funny. A bag should be baggish, without much shape, and these bags are squaire, more like a block. Most amazing, the look so nice? How come? That's all because of the way they come into being. Not from a factory: if from a factory all bags would be identical, but that's not the reality with the Hy2U-Campaign. Each bag is made as a special contribution to someone or to a special place, where people come back to often. So these bags are very personal and that is part of the 'Niceness'. 'Niceness' is a keyword in the Hy2U-Campaign. The campaign is about hygiene, as that is so very important for health. But the campaign is 'lived' because people like it. Like it for comfort, for the fun of it, for the practicallity of it, for its niceness.

More on beautiful Hy2U-water bags here.

Hy2U for washing hands: Hy2U Beauty Contest for the Water Bags
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