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: To design for Women
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To design for Women

A general (male related) design approach

In the previously mentioned resettlement project near Udon?Thani in Thailand, the crank was fastened onto the wooden axle of the pump with the use of a wedge. In earlier projects this had proved to be a sturdy and reliable construction, which was also easy to make. It was appropriate because similar wedges were locally used in the construction of the plough.

When, after a year, this crank developed a crack, the woman expected her husband to repair it. The man, however, did not consider this part of his responsibility.

As a result, the crank became looser and looser, and finally it was impossible for her to pump enough water for her vegetable garden.


A female related design approach

To overcome the woman's dependence, this crank has been redesigned. Now it is shaped like a pair of pliers and is attached to the axle by winding a tensioned rubber strip around the levers. The woman can attach the crank at will without using any tools. She can also easily detach the crank and take it home to prevent misuse of water.

The social attitudes and patterns of a particular place determine which design option should be chosen. Devices mainly used by women should be designed to allow women to do upkeep and repair.

: To design for Women
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