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A rope pump as can be attached to the Well cover ring

Not a construction manual really, but a better explanation of how a rope that can be fitted on to the well cover ring, as described in Construction manual Well cover ring.
Valentine Julien and I made this construction manual in 1986, in Ambon. It reflected the construction as we just had it put in practice in a project in Waipia on Ceram. Of this manual only the front page was available at present, on it were some of the sketches of the composing parts. These parts are better described in the following presentation.
The development of the rope pump has not come to a standstill. There are still important improvements to be realized. At our workshop we have a set-up for testing our latest desing for the rope pump. It very much depends on if Demotech can get any support at all, if this new and very promising desing can be tested in our test site and in practice. We'll keep you informed!

The Rope Pump as it is attached to the Well cover ring

The parts of the Rope Pump that are hanging in the well

The pump wheel

Axle, cranck and handle

The wooden block in which the axle turns around

Water lift pipe interconnection and the pump rope

The Bottom block
The wooden block down in the water of the well, that guides the pump rope into the water lift pipe

The outlet gutter
The gutter that leads the water out from the water lift pipe into the bucket