• Waste water from bathing rinses urine away, minimizing stink and use of flush water.
  • The bathroom/toilet unit can be configured as a composting toilet or to dry fill a dug out.
  • The bathroom/toiltet unit is within reach of the poor, the cost is only the cost of one or two bags of cement.
  • MOST IMPORTANT, the method of construction is adjusted to a communal project. With some guidance of sanitation helpers (like WaterAid) the local carpenter makes a true scale model in wood of the toilet. Everybody can see what it will be like when copied in concrete. With a special but simple trick the a cast ing form of the slab can be made into the dirt. Then concrete with some reinforcement is cast into the mold. Two slabs make one toilet. By putting colored stones, bits of tiles first on the surface of the mold before the concrete is poured out, can results in a lasting personal decoration.
  • MOST IMPORTANT, with one wooden model the cast forms for all the families around can be made within a few weeks. Meaning within a few weeks ALL the families own a private bathroom sanitation unit of high quality.
    When ALL the families in a neighbourhood use their own toilet this results in a by far less illness, specially with children. If only a small part of the total number of families would be left out, this life-saving health improvement could not be attained.

Also study this manual to Make it!

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