Conceptual Approach / Conceptual elements

Business plan


  • Rent for treatment plot
  • BathroomBoxes (toilet units)
  • Materials for toilet content collecting vehicle
  • Oil drums
  • Materials for feces burning oven
  • Materials for algal pond *1
  • Overhead time starting up


  • Collecting rounds with toilet content collecting vehicle
  • Managing boys who help in the collecting job
  • Storing oil drums with feces near oven
  • Emptying urine drums in sewage system/river/wetland/tank *1
  • Managing oven (managing drying proces of feces, managing fire, managing ashes)
  • Prepare used containers for a new round on the toilet content collecting vehicle

Scale of operation: Starting entrepeneur has to:

  1. Buy a small number (<10) of toilets + collecting vehicle
  2. Aquire clients in the neighborhood who want to pay for the services
  3. Aquire some space for building an oven, storage of oil drums and collection vehicle (9m2)
  4. Start services, dump urine *1
  5. Extend number of clients

*1 The processing of urine with the help of algae starts in phase 2 of the Bathroombox project

Conceptual Approach / Conceptual elements

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