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  • Promising Renewable Energy Technologies
    Examples of different biogasstations. Also some numbers about the use of cattle dung as a fertilizer
    comments: This could be also an option for human feces
  • Biorealis
    Make a composttoilet for your own. Probably some good links for expamples of already exsting commercial toilets.
  • Ashoka
    Ashoka invests in people. It is a global organization that searches the world for social entrepreneurs—extraordinary individuals with unprecedented ideas for change in their communities. Ashoka identifies and invests in these social entrepreneurs when no one else will.
  • Water and sanitation for cities
    UN Habitat debate about the lack of water and (good) sanitation in cities and slums. Contains usefull information about excreta collecting systems in slums.
  • Nutrient recycling, as artificial fertilizers depend on mineral resourses soon depleted->Advantages of nutrient recycling, as artificial fertilizers depend on mineral resources depleted in less than 100 years and mineral alternatives will contain a growing amount of poisonous heavy metals (See note)
  • Modern Japanese bidet-toilet
    Half the Japanese households have this type of toilet installed, It has many more features than European flush toilets and electronics to control it. (See note)
  • The Sulabh International Social Service Organisation
    A succesful pan-India social service outfit with 35,000 volunteers on the rolls who work to promote human rights, environmental sanitation, health and hygiene, non-conventional sources of energy, waste management and social reforms through education, training and awareness campaig.
    Sulab has done much work in designing and installing low cost toilets. It is an NGO which has also been awarded many contracts for the setting up and operation of public toilets at a large number of public places including tourist and pilgrimage centres. It operates these toilets at a very nominal charge of Rs. 1 (1 Euro = Rs. 58 approx.) per use. You may see its website and add a link to it to your projrct on the above subject.
  • Beyond Kyoto: towards a north-south bargain on climate change
    If producing algea with the use of urine would be generally applied, the amount of Carbon Dioxide recaptured in this process could be part of this bargain.
  • SaniCon, a portal for sanitation information recources
    Sanitation Connection is an Internet-based resource that gives you access to accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on technologies, institutions and financing of sanitation systems around the world. Institutions of international standing contribute to the information base by providing and maintaining a topic of their specialization.
    The site is structured around several broad themes and regional topics. For visitors interested in further discussion, these themes are developed in greater depth with specific topics, each of which are supported by extensive resources in a seachable database. Additionally, there is a Help Desk for specific queries or feedback, along with a listing of online databases. Finally, please visit the GPA/Sanitation Connection Links Page for GPA relevant information and data, especiallyon municipal wastewater management.

Literature Research / Hits

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