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  • Extreme poverty, Environmental degradation, and rampant inequality characterize our times. The decline of our planet goes faster then any present development program can repair; few current programs have repaired anything at all. This failure will inevitably affect all of us.
  • The faults in current solutions draw deep back into the cultural framework in which we live our lives. To regain free choice, current solutions need to be redesigned, applying current knowledge in fundamentally new ways. Redesign needs to be done by a mental force that is detached from existing structures or interests other than love for life: personally and world wide.
  • In search for such a mental force that is not attached to current interests, students are the most probable recourse. Young people, engaged in academic study number in the millions. Enough of them will have the intelligence and endurance for the redesign at hand. Though dispersed over the world, internet communication offers them the chance to interact on this common goal.
  • In support of this option, to test and empower it, we, Demotech, address students from the university of Maastricht and other universities. We invite students to become engaged in Sustainable designs initiatives like ours. We offer support to students from any faculty who are determined to reverse degradation into sustainable options. This regards all aspects of technology and economy and in general social and cultural development.
  • We invite students to participate in our initiatives and join Demotech in any of the following ways:
    • Consider this Manifesto and give us your opinion
    • Study our approach towards Sustainability and let's discuss how you could contribute from your particular field of study: http://www.demotech.org/forums.html
    • Visit the Demotech Lab at the next scheduled meeting to see how we work
    • Join Demotech, as a member of the Student Workforce, as an intern or as volunteer. Consider how to link your experience to our research as described in our participation page

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