Internship Positions at Demotech

When you add or edit an internship position, follow closely the format as used in 'Logistics' and 'Video'

Internships will relate to education on:

  • Economics, Business, Development Policies
  • Cultural, Antropology, Communication
  • Visuals: Grafics, Video, Illustration
  • ICT, Internet, programing
  • Technology, Design, agriculture
  • Legal, Intellectual Property versus Open Source
  • Journalistic, Reporting, Public Relations

Organizing the information systems, materials and records at Demotech - 3 months
Writing, Filming and finishing a 30 minute video about Demotech and the Workforce - 2 months
Writing and publishing on the work done by Bram in Guatemala with the Hydraulic Ram Pump
Making an info package about possible communication difficulties caused by cultural differences - 1 to 2 months
The idea is to find relevant literature to support the demotech ideas. Furthermore, the problem (PBL) and the different assignments should be two weeks work for students, when implemented in exsisting programs.
develop a fully fledged strategy paper, including mission statements, interim goals, SWAT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis, concepts for implementation, monitoring and readjusting the strategy etc for the student workforce or/and for building a Think Tank around demotech, - 1 month
I can't find anything on the demotech website. Hence it would be great to have someone look after that, no offense to the current webmaster, but it doesnt work like this, I think. Maybe its just me. I think we need a more accessible style, or structure. I dont really know how much time that would take, but I guess there is a lot of content already, so I'd say around 2months.
Once again, I'm not completely sure whether "we" actually have a technical drawer, but the idea is that from what I can find on the website the demotech designs are really hard to copy ...
It seems to me that we might need some publication that is focused on presenting us to public ....
As most of Demotech's publications are in English, it would be handy to have them translated ...
Direction of research:
  • Technical: design, develop, optimize, test, write design specifications
  • Evaluation of the relevance of application in various locations in the world
  • Potential impact in case of general application
  • Setup of introduction and implementation with fast and effective feed-back
Demotech's design initiatives listed here have priority:
Organize an international conference/ training for representatives of local NGO’s to enable them to teach Demotech designs - 3-4months or 2x 2 months
Set up an educational plan which specifies how demotech designes can be taught to native people - 1-2 months
Developing either a heating- or a water supply system which are applicable to the LBB and keep costs and expenses low. - 2 months.

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