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Technology, design, agriculture

Direction of research:

  • Technical: design, develop, optimize, test, write design specifications
  • Evaluation of the relevance of application in various locations in the world
  • Potential impact in case of general application
  • Setup of introduction and implementation with fast and effective feed-back

Demotech's design initiatives listed here have priority

  • The Rope pump, effective and reliable water lifting for the small husbandry
  • The WindDrive (D7), small-scale harvesting of wind energy with an unusual mix of low- and high-tech means
  • Green Walls, reuse of waste water in arid urban conditions. Many square meters of irrigated gardening area is created in trays hanging from the walls of a house
  • Sustainble Housing and Living (D35), effective DIY construction of a comfortable house build with little environmental impact
  • Izigo, automated individual public urban transport. By using the tricks of Internet a better accessability of all parts of a town is accieved. In this way better conditions of development can be reached, also for run down quarters of a city
  • Welding of plastic sheet offers the opportunity for the small farmer to increase income by local processing and packaging of the harvest.
  • NightReader, a reading light, offers 1 billion off-grid students four hours extra study time er day. Manufacture of these reading lights as an in-school activity.
  • Bathroombox (D53)http://www.demotech.org/design/designA.html?d=43, a modern bathroom facility. Integrated in a system to recycle human waste while using a totally safe hygienic method that produces methane gas and fertilizer for urban agriculture.
  • Open Source design (D50), a methodology of collective knowledge development, made applicable for use by individuals and groups at no cost.

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