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Attach:D038_070728RamWorkShop.jpg Δ | Ram work shop Name: Work shop to produce several ram pumps
Target: To make a lot of rampumps in a short time. What: It's getting started

Attach:D038_070716CarryingWood.jpg Δ | Local way of carrying wood Name: Obtaining and transporting wood foor cooking fuel
Target: Create insights in local wood issues
What: Wood is a basic need and scarce

Attach:D038_070716Mohawk.jpg Δ | Mohawk, yes or no? Name: Fieldworker appearance
Target: Opening the debat on looks and rapport
What: Doīs and dontīs in the field

Attach:D038_070710ImapBambooCementRoof2.jpg Δ | Thin cement tile roof with bamboo support Name: Imap office
Where: The office; between Santiago Atitlan and San Lucas Toliman
What: Experiments in permaculture; sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology.

Attach: D038_070709SanAndresRiver4.jpg Δ Δ | Waterfall in San Andres Semetabaj Name: Feasability observation in San Andres Semetabaj
Where: The fields near the village center of San Andres Semetabaj
What: Observe possibilities and inquire needs for the rampump

Attach:D038_TzununaBridge.jpg Δ | Google earth image of Tzununa Name: Implementation in Tzununa
Where: Tzununa, Districto Solola, Guatemala
What: Small, traditional village with a large river.

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