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People that teach rampumps to others should master every step in the production proces and should understand why they do it.

The way to test this would be an exam, mainly containing practise skills, but also some theory.

The list of items that one should master would be:

  • making the compass (passer)
  • making the circular calibration tool
  • making the wooden connection ring
  • making a single direction valve
  • making an impulse valve
  • making candle wax rings
  • harvesting steel wire from car tires
  • making the mold for the water outlet in the heart block
  • making concrete tiles
  • making tubes
  • making heart blocks
  • making air bottles
  • being able to check the quality of the result
  • install the pump
  • maintain the pump
  • introduction in using e-mail

In a short oral exam the candidate has to:

  • show a wooden connection ring that he made
  • show an impulse valve that he made
  • show a concrete tile without ring that he made
  • bring bad products from the factory and explain why they are bad.
  • answer some questions about the what, how and why about the pump. Basically to test understanding.

To them it is clear that they can fail. They agreed that itīs better to be strict so the diploma has more value.

Regarding the items. Installation yet had been practiced for a large part, but the primary adjustment of the valves can only be tested with a new pump. This will be after the graduation.

Using e-mail will be a very short course of less than 15 minutes, supplied with a good manual and the knowledge that there will always be people around to help them.

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