Say It Is Possible Campaign

Plan by Joel and Reinder to set up a media campaign for Home Work, StorageStools, and linking into other initiatives.

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Timeline: Beginning of May till End of June
Activity: Public Awareness Campaign

With Bram and Chintu going to Guatemala, the development of the StorageStools, and expanding activity at Demotech this year, public awareness of the message of Demotech is vital to the further growth of the organization. Future activity by Demotech depends on the increasing involvement of more people, organizations, and active observers in order to achieve success.

By taking advantage of the media opportunities offered by the project in Guatemala, the level of activity at the lab, and the forthcoming new look for the website, a media campaign is planned. Giving a direct and populist message to free media, attention can be drawn to Demotech and its ideas, as well as attracting vital support for future activities.

A blog-style web space will be set-up, and three students hired to fulfill the two month campaign. Using the StorageStools as a central design example, and the Guatemala project as the central field project, and Demotech theory as a central guide to the project, an assertive PR campaign will be set up over the internet to tell the story. The campaign will include:

  • The establishment of a blog space
  • Contacting media on the internet with articles, stories, and invitations to take part
  • Press releases about Demotech and her activities
  • contacting local TV Limburg to cover the campaign locally
  • publishing regularly from Guatemala
  • Keeping a steady stream of links, information, and ideas flowing on the blog space

Furthermore, training and practice with the stools, and if demand arises production of stools through Hans Baarslag, will support the campaign, and the further development of teaching and building the design. It is hoped that this project will create interest and momentum to bring in a LabStaff project.

Tasks involved in the media campaign are suggested as follows:

  • Build a web space (
  • Write sample articles regarding the message
  • Finish the construction manual for StorageStools
  • Create a multimedia package of Pictures, Videos, Manuals, Audio-clips, and texts for recurrent use.
  • Gather local media at the lab for an evening presentation.
  • Begin contacting media at all angles

The target audience for the campaign is:

  • Young People
  • Organizations in the field
  • (Decision makers in development)
  • (Funding organizations)

Established already is an e-mail address:
password: yesitis2007


20 AprilWorkshop given to the Workforce, explain idea for campaign
???meeting with Ivo, Vodaphone, Joel, Reinder
27 AprilEmpowerment Conference to address students with the idea, test story, gather staff
1 MayPlanning meeting with Bram, Reinder, Chinto, Joel, Stefen
14 MayFinal Design for Stools
14 MayChinto and Bram go to Guatemala with latest stool design
14 MayWorkshop prepared for introduction in The Netherlands
28 MayWebsite full with Guatemala stuff
28 MayStarted with Workshops in Holland

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