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Webdesign: MainSetup

Here you can find an explanation on the structure (to come) of the demotech website.

                                         Stijn (27-03-2007)

Next to the existing main sections... "applications" (renamed to re-design) and "publications" (renamed to Think & Write) we are creating a third section -consisting of everything that has to do with the interaction between users and demotech- named "Listen & Learn". These are the main three pillars of the website and each of these has a separate color theme. Below I provide a small framework with each of the main categories and its respective subcategories.

Re-Design (introduction and mindmap)

Think & Write (introduction and mindmap)

Listen & Learn (introduction and mindmap)

Next to this there are some menu items that should come back no matter where you are on the site, namely "home", "about us", "news", "contact". Also we have the search function, the babel translation function and maybe the shortlist of the news-items that need a place when the right or upper menu is dropped.

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