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DemoCamp-units erected as banner tower Tin Bicycle, design for small scale manufacturing Individual urban public transport at semi sub-street level Smart wood working in Thailand as example for eco-friendly building within modern economies About us, the Demotech team
About Demotech
Re-design is our job. Re-designing concepts, tools, methods, ideas to make them accessible and affordable to everybody in the world. By re-designing the way we live, Demotech works to improve our lives with techniques and tricks aimed at a single over arching goal: "More Joy Per person"! More...
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stencil Re-Design!
A smart design solution would come up with something amazing, really unexpected, not another one of the look-alike suggestions. It would mobilize a forgotten and improbable resource. Here you will find the results of Demotech's design and research initiatives, available under Open Source principles. More...
Think and Write
"Democracy Supporting Technology" has a lot to accomplish before it deserves that name. It asks for the highest targets, the smartest innovation, endless debugging and deep awareness during practical testing and actual use. As time has taught us some of the tricks, we are overwhelmed by the rich potential of our approach. Here you can find our own publications and those by others about Demotech and its approach. More...

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Get involved!
The quality of a design is proven only by its widespread use. The challenges Demotech faces are unsurmountable without support from many different parties. Our ideas, approaches and designs depend on participation from all disciplines. Everybody is invited to contribute to achieving this quality. More...

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