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How we work

By learning through experimentation on approaches which are fundamentally different from how things are going now, new solutions can be created. An integrated combination of Social, Technical, and Economic realms helps on the effectiveness of our approach. Gained knowledge is then shared, used and updated through open source knowledge systems.

Demotech creates an environment for student and professional creative energies towards such experimentation. Demotech develops a general approach, creates examples which clarify the approach, and trains people to apply it. This results in applications that can make a difference. Demotech is about recreating culture through experimentation.

We have a set of applications that are fit for reproduction and for which basic information can be found on our website. Assistence can be given in the implementation of these projects or on training of others to do so. When you?re interested in coorperating with Demotech in whatever form or when you want more information on one of our applications please contact us.

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