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Design? Re-Design!

Through a process of innovation, which takes inputs from modern science, innovative ideas, local knowledge and local demands Demotech creates potential to Re-Design the way we live. Thus, real-life practical solutions are created, ready for use and within the reach of any person in the world. Such Designs are practical solutions to the problems Demotech works on. Meant to be applicable in the widest possible context, a Demotech designs aim at the rich and the poor, at people from all cultures and walks of life. All designs can be built around the world with locally available materials, with locally available knowledge against a fraction of the costs it takes normally. You can find a lot of the applications we designed online, from concepts to finished ones. They're available under the open source principle.

For all of the applications you can look up the basic characteristics here on the website, for some also more detailed information is available online. For complete construction manuals, help on the implementation and questions about the specifics of the applications you can contact us.

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