Demotech, design for self reliance

Means to get informed
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Bookkeeping method Bookkeeping method Create transparency and participation in the finance of communal projects. Spcial forms make even complex bookkeeping easy to do and to check for errors or manipulation.
Construction toy Construction toy Erector set-like smart interconnectors enable a child to create objects for play from sticks found around. thus carts and cots can be strong enough carry the weight of playing children.
DemoUnits camping size DemoUnits camping size Feed media's and public attention for the goal of a demonstration with clearly visible text on banners attached to high light weight frames
DemoUnits exhibition size DemoUnits exhibition size At neglectable cost NGO's can make an attractive exhibit of objects and text from modular units made from sticks and steel wires. Easy to build and take along.
DemoUnits mobile size DemoUnits mobile size Show banners high above the crowd in gatherings and demonstrations, attached to light weight constructioins of bamoo sticks and steel wires.
Exhibition Stand Exhibition Stand A stand building systems that is easy to erect, modular, to take advantage of available space. Eco look comes from untreated recycled wooden table tops and raw cotton cloth.
Manual on a string Manual on a string The process of learning the steps indicated in a manual works better when reading and looking on is done with a crowd of like minded people.
NightReader, study-light with LED's NightReader, study-light with LED's NightReader is a small reading light, practical in the rich world, but indispensable for one billion Third World students.
Projection drawing table Projection drawing table To make clear illustrations by tracing images from slides projected on the glass table top, this drawing table can be made by students of technical or graphic schools.
Steel wire reinforced cement vessels and rings for wells Steel wire reinforced cement vessels and rings for wells Tying together cement tiles to construct water containers and rings for wells is the base for the additional extra layer of cement applied after the assembly of tiles is strengthened with many loops of steel wire.
Stencil board Stencil board A small number of prints from a stencil with a simple hand tool can be made for a school class or for project instruction.
The Demotech Lab The Demotech Lab No innovation without ample experiments. The Lab offers space for such experments, induce feedback from exhibits and is the setting for workshops.
Workshop trainings Workshop trainings Giving workshop has over the years been a successful ad-hoc activity. Now we develop it it as one of the Demotech core activities and organize our information here.

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