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Publications that relate to Demotech initiatives or targets are made available here. Marked with (NL) are publications in the Dutch language.

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In daily use Reduction till nill by replacing a product by a service Applicable in modern as well as in poor economies Unknown Unknown Rural as well as urban.

Publications, related to Demotech's approach written by other authors. This approach differs from the mainstream ideas about development, about how to achieve well being and how to achieve sustainability. It would help to understand this devide by relating to papers that cover aspects of Demotech work, such as knowledge dissimination, and the sociological and political conditions needed for this. Descriptions of experiments done in this field, their succes of failure are needed to illustrate the devide mentioned.

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Yardsticks for Sustainability

While we have many choices that can significantly reduce the impact of our daily lives and move us in the direction of long-term sustainability, today's society presents us with very few choices for living a truly sustainable life. The Living Green Expo uses a two-tiered approach to"living green:"
Criteria for "Low Impact Living and Long-term Sustainability" are described in this paper. However this paper does not mention how to reach any of the targets.

(NL) Een kop koffie

Long time back, September 1983, the journalist Jan Houdijk wrote this article about the approach of Demotech. Still there is no single other article written that explains so well what Demotech was heading for at that time. As far as targets are concerned, this still applies.

This article is only available in the Dutch language.

Sustainability now!

This article describes a newly felt urgency to do 'something' on the problem of global warning. Cause is the possibility of a sudden change in climate for the worse in North Amreca and Europe. This could be caused by the "great conveyor", the Gulfstream that transports warmer ocean water to the Atlantic. This conveyer could cahnge direction because of melting ice from polar glaciers.
This issue was also raised in the book of Al Gore "Earth in the Balance", but now has reach the Pentagon.

Rethinking Rural Development

Many Demotech projects relate to rural development: the RopePump, the BathroomToilet-unit, Wheels, Pulleys and many others. A generalizing view on problems and opportunities for Rural Development Is needed to be able to judge the value of Demotech's design initiatives.
This paper, that is copied from dd, October 2002 offers this information and contains many links to other relevant publications on rural development.

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