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To make clear illustrations by tracing images from slides projected on the glass table top, this drawing table can be made by students of technical or graphic schools.

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Projection drawing table
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Introduced at users level Twentyfold cost reduction Applicable in modern as well as in poor economies Education Income Rural as well as urban.

Students from technical and art schools can put their acquired skill to practice to gain income with a drawing table available at home. Its use should allow to stand or sit at it. Where communication ask for clear illustrations, they should be possible without previous drawing skills. The make this table should be part of a graphic- and technical education. Used in a crammed space, it should take minimal storage space. To easily take the table along from home to school and back facilitates learning at school and earning income at home.

Illustrations for manuals that can be made by anyone if slides are projected on to a glass plate and outlines of the image are are traced. The glass plate is a part of a tillable drawing table top[A1-size], that can be tilted to adjust to a sitting or a standing position. It is foldable into a package of small dimensions and light to carry. No special materials are required. Woodworking and construction skills are trained at school when he or she makes its own drawing table.

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