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How steel wire can be recuperated from the millions of car tires that litter this planet. Cut and clean steel wire for new use and get rubber strips out of it useful for many purposes.

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Harvesting Steel Wire
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Introduced at users level Reduction till nill by replacing a product by a service Applicable within poverty Income Environment Rural as well as urban.

There is a huge need for construction materials, at the same time the planet everywhere is littered by millions of used car tires. A way has to be found for re-using the materials that car tires are made of: rubber and steel.
Large scale processes for this are well known. At the smallest scale of use in poverty better method of recuperation have to be developed.
Each car tire contains 35 meter of steel wire with a 1 mm cross section. The side walls add up to 0,2 m2 strong 4 mm thick rubber sheet, the tread offers a 1,6 meter long and extremely strong strip of steel reinforced rubber.

When the properties of the composing parts of a used rubber tire are well understood, then the practice of recuperation can be adapted to it. To cut rubber can be done with a small sharp knife when is understood how to separate rubber at the actual place of cutting to minimize the friction between the knife and the rubber. The way Demotech learned to separate a car tire into useful part is explained in this manual on harvesting steel wire.

Additional information

Above series of picures represent the now obsolate method of removing the rubber around the steel wire that is embedded in the innerring of any car tire.
Unless the pealing off of the rubber was done exppertly, the wire came out bended in tight circles instead of almost straigh. With the new method it is almost impossible to do it wrong.

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