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A sturdy, yet lightweight box to carry along vulnerable belongings as laptops and video equipment. Its lids offer easy access and also a comfortable seat.

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Traveling chest
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Introduced at users level Hundredfold reduction of cost Applicable in modern as well as in poor economies Comfort Income Rural as well as urban.

This is a mix between a briefcase and a shoe-shine box. For storage use of video supplies, books, water and personal belongings needed during a fieldworker's working day. Comfortable sitting (while writing) on the hollow shaped seat on top of the box.

Light-weight box [0.3 x 0.35 x 1.35m] of aluminum sheeting. It can be mounted between two wooden head plates. It is accessible from the top through two hatches and can be carried as a shoulder bag. The position of the hatches provides a comfortable seat for working or resting. A roller mechanism keeps the wide shoulder strap clear from the (muddy) floor.

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Try to get involved into production for tourists. Find out what tourist like.

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    by Hans Baarslag - Fri Oct 31 (2003)
    Traveling chest
    I would call it seatcase or laptopcase or shoulderchest. It can very well be a product for thirdworld makers It looks like the chest shoepolishers have But I think it will weigh a lot less. Hans

    by Reinder / Demotech - Fri Oct 31 (2003)
    Re: Traveling chest
    Cupboard or case could also have been the name. Chest is choosen as it indicates something of less importance than case. The idea is indeed to have a chest available when traveling. Not only on the road, but also on arrival. To me it was of great value during my travels. A small corner of personal order amid chaotic new surroundings. And it also cserved as seat for my tired body when waiting for a bus or for the big man I hoped to meet.
    You rightly see it as a product that can be locally made to raise income, but will also be of good use for local clients, may it be a shoe polisher or a fisherman. And indeed the weight is amazing little given its sturdiness.

    by Hans Baarslag - Fri Oct 31 (2003)
    travelling chest
    The chest looks like a "viskoffer" to me.

    by Reinder / Demotech - Fri Oct 31 (2003)
    Re: travelling chest
    Indeed, shiny metal sheet is also used in chests for fishermen. The thin aluminum sheet I used in Ghana for the first prototypes was normally used as roof sheet. This sheet has a finely dented surface structure and is easy to cut and fold.

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