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Field worker's equipment, personal belongings as well as a comportable bed fit into a back pack case. Two halve cases support the bed's netting structure.

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Folding bed for traveling
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Prototype Hundredfold reduction of cost Applicable in modern as well as in poor economies Comfort Health Rural as well as urban.

Field workers can use this rucksack as a bed or storage space for video, computer or photographic equipment. Locally assembled from one rucksack or two suitcases

This traveling chest (0.25 x 0.40 x 0.55m) can be separated into two equal trays produced from lightweight aluminum sheets and wooden slats. The trays form the basis of a flat frame measuring 0.7 x 2.1m in which a net is hung, offering a comfortable sleeping space protected by a mosquito net.

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    by Max Kennedy - Wed Nov 02 (2005)
    Plans Needed
    Though the idea for a travel bed looks good you really need to provide dimensioned plans for projects such as this.

    by Reinder van Tijen - Wed Nov 02 (2005)
    Re: Plans Needed
    Max, you are right! But the problem is capacity. This travel bed has not been an easy design to make. And it is not yet finished. I have been able to make a construction that is light enough and I expect it will also be strong enough. The tension in the netting should be high enough to keep your body free from the two half box structures and the content in these boxes. The other concern is to be able to repair it on the road, even to remake it when it would get lost or when you find a travel mate. At the present stage of the design most of these demands got an acceptable solution. However this is still far from a state that plans can be handed out. What could be done however is to get participation for this design. It does not take machines, only patient working and a lot of creative tinkering. Maybe you can help! Reinder van Tijen

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