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Description of how sheet metal can be recuperated from a an oil barrel. How to cut, how to flatten and how to fold. Manfred can do it too!

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Harvesting sheet metal
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Introduced at users level Reduction till nill by replacing a product by a service Applicable within poverty Income Environment Rural as well as urban.


  • Sheet metal is often available as scrap, in the better parts of rusted through oil drums, car wrecks and roof sheets.
  • There is much local experience with working with sheet metal.
  • The setup of many designs can be based on the use of sheet metal as its special application can be derived from what is already general known.


  • Sheet metal can be cut and bend without machines, simple hand tools like a cutlass and a hammer suffice.
  • Sheet metal, specially very thin tin, can be cut by scratching a deep groof in the surface. When bent a few times along this line, it will separate very acurate along this line.
  • Sheet metal, of a thicker size from 1.5 to 3 mm. can be cut by hamering a groove with a sharp chisel in the top surface on an envil. When turning round the marks of the cut can be seen. At the same line a second groof is hamered with the chisel. Along this line the sheet can be broken off by bending.
    "Make it" offers a manual on harvesting sheet metal.

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