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Giving workshop has over the years been a successful ad-hoc activity. Now we develop it it as one of the Demotech core activities and organize our information here.

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Workshop trainings
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In daily use Reduction till nill by replacing a product by a service Applicable within poverty Education Environment Rural as well as urban.

Demotech theory and practice is difficult to grab for outsiders. Just to read about does not transmit the message. Of course a longer time involvement works and experienced field workers recognize the general set up. But there is good experience with workshops given in the past. This method should be better structured.

To invite a group to the Demotech Lab is the most effective way to make people understand. The Lab offers examples, pictures and an inspiring environment. For workshops at other locations Demotech developed tools that can be taken along in train or car. Recently, in interaction with Maastricht University student activities, a workshop course has been set up and is further developed.

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Workshop on Water, for new members of the Student Workforce
Behind the LBB factory building at the quai along the river Maas, many workshops were given to and also by the Workforce. This location offered an excellent opportunity to experience in practice what it means to have to carry a headpan with 30 liters of water on your head or to experience the difference between fetching water from a well with only a thin rope that cuts in your hand or an improved method where wooden beats are inserted in that rope. Only then you start to have an idea what you are talking about regarding deep povery.

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