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To speed up innovation on behalf of sustainability, innovation should be a shared effort, because of the fun of it, the effectiveness of it if done well and the comfort of lack of intellectual ownership. But how to promote it?

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Shared Innovation
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Idea on paper Reduction till nill by replacing a product by a service Applicable in modern as well as in poor economies Environment Education Rural as well as urban.

To speed up innovation on behalf of sustainability, innovation should be a shared effort, because of the fun of it, the effectiveness of it if done well and the comfort of lack of intellectual ownership. But how to promote it?

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Farmers Innovations, call for papers

Farmers Innovation should go hand in hand with innovations conducted or initatiated by institutions. How this best can be done and experiences gained up to know is the subject of LEISA Magazine's call for papers.

External Links

  • Democratizing Innovation- by Eric Von Hippel
    Eric von Hippel states that innovation is being democratized, meaning that users of products and services?both firms and individual consumers?are increasingly able to innovate for themselves. User-centered innovation processes offer great advantages over the manufacturer-centric innovation development systems that have been the mainstay of commerce for hundreds of years. Users that innovate can develop exactly what they want, rather than relying on manufacturers to act as their (often very imperfect) agents.
    Moreover, individual users do not have to develop everything they need on their own: they can benefit from innovations developed and freely shared by others.
  • Teach Innovation to kids with toys
    This website contains a great amount of descriptions how to make toys and thereby empower children to make their fantasies become real.
  • Artificial Glaciers and other stories of successful change
    Real interest in special local conditions and concern for the poverty of the local population led to the innovation of making artificial glaciers. This helped local farmers to irrigate their crops earlier in the season and assured harvest before the colder season fell in.
  • Local and ?modern? innovations: what interests whom?
    In Tigray, the Northern Typical Highlands (NTH) team was formed team brings innovative farmers together around common interests so that they can solve their local problems faster than when working on their own. It also brings them together with formal research and development agents who want to support local innovation processes.
  • eco-i net and the Green Think Lab
    They provide a range of eco-innovation services with a particular focus on building technologies and low carbon solutions. Eco-i net aims to work in partnership with regional, national and international organisations interested in eco-innovation
  • The Centre for Sustainable Design
    CfSD facilitates discussion and research on eco-design and environmental, economic, ethical and social (e3s) considerations in product and service development and design. This is achieved through training and education, research, seminars, workshops, conferences, consultancy, publications and Internet. The Centre also acts as an information clearing house and a focus for innovative thinking on sustainable products and services.
  • Different forms of peep-to-peer interactions One of the key values of peer progressivism is intellectual and professional diversity; groups that draw on different conceptual frameworks consistently outperform more single-minded groups.

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