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Join thin metal sheet to wood, ply board to wood, leader to wood with staples made from wire out of car tires. Drive the staples in with a locally made tool.

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Prototype Hundredfold reduction of cost Applicable within poverty Comfort Income Rural as well as urban.

Local crafts, specially those involved in furniture need practical ways of fastening thin materials like carton board, textile, leather such as the use of a staple gun. Fastening with staples would be used more widely if staples where easy to be had and no electricity was needed. Cost of such should be low, reliability high.
Ability to make good quality joints with little craftsmanship can promote raising income with Home Work.

A hack saw for cutting steel rods and tools for soldering with tin are needed for the StapleJoiner. Pictures explain its use. It produces its own staples from short bits of wire from car tires. The staples are driven in with light hammer blows. By choosing the length of the bits of wire the most useful length of the legs of the staple can be determined. A very strong joint can be made when the legs protrude through both the materials to be fastened together. The ends sticking though can then be bent over.

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