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Gain knowledge in detail of the why and how of water lifting when using a bag. Develop means to adjust existing methods to new demands.

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Water Bag
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When water is lifted by hand from a deep well, such as encountered in Senegal, the size of the bag or container and thereby its weight when filled with water should be optimized. Part of this research should be the filling of the bag down in the well and the ease of emptying.
Alternatives have to be offered for options as found in practice, such as their use in hand over hand hoisting, the use of a pulley or how to maximize efficiency for use in irrigation.

In the actual practice of lifting water from open wells it is studied what is used for rope, what is used as container or bag, what it is made from, such as rubber, tin or leather and the way the rope is connected to the container.
Data is categorized on the user: child, woman or man, on the purpose: household or irrigation, on the water source: river, pond, deep or shallow well, with or without upper structure, aids to guide the rope: wooden rope guide, pulley of none, way of handling the part of the rope that is not loaded: is taken care it cannot contaminate the water?
Alternatives are offered for the hoisting rope, for the shape of the rubber bag, for the way a rubber bag can be made, all this for use with or without a pulley that is hung over a well.

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Reuse of plastic 20 liter bags, originaly used for transport of grain are prepared for also carrying as wel as filtering water.

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