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Aids and approaches that relate to regular recurring floods: to safeguard people, small husbandery and personal belongings and to assure access to clean water

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Water Emergency Control
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Precautions against the effects of often recurring floods need to be taken at a collective as well as at household level. Such measures should be within the reach of the local community, in case governamental care is not to be expected.

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Demotech has contributed in October 1999 to project preparations done by mr. Krisno Nimpuno of DERC, Disaster and Emergency Reference Center, Delft, the Netherlands. In cooperation with mr. Nimpuno ideas have been developed for means and methods to reduces damage done by floods for people living in flood prone deltas.
This paper is the more practical orientated section of an article with the title: BASIC INFORMATION FOR COMMUNITY FLOOD PREPAREDNESS, written by mr. ir. Krisno Nimpuno in October 1999

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  • Life Straw
    The lifestraw: dia 29 mm, length 250 mm 150 mililiter per minuit filtering from river water into drinking water of European quality. Total 700 liter for 3 dollar.

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