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To achieve Sustainability in time, that is before utter dispair in poverty and utter disinterest from wealthy consumers turns this worls into a radical facist 1984-like culture, we have to learn to LEARN FAST.

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Fast Learning
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Prototype Reduction till nill by replacing a product by a service Applicable in modern as well as in poor economies Environment Education Rural as well as urban.

Our flat learning curve for coping with un-sustainable and de-humanizing policies has to be change into a steep one. Sustainable solutions now come too slow and too late. Ecological detoriation wins the race. Faster learning should make a crucial difference.

Experiment to find new ways for developing sustaiable sulitions. Consult your feet: learn to travel. Consult your hands: learn to make. Consult your ears: learn to listen to others! Consult your eyes: learn to see the reality! Consult your brains: find space for new thoughts!

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