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Show banners high above the crowd in gatherings and demonstrations, attached to light weight constructioins of bamoo sticks and steel wires.

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DemoUnits mobile size
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Idividuals, groups and organizations can use their right for freedom of speach specially in fairs and demonstrations to express their views to a large gathering or crowd with a tool to hold banners high up above the heads of crowd for all to see and to read. A limited means and budget should still be able to transmit their message to the public in an eye-catching and attractive way. The modular exhibit system should be free standing as well as light and sturdy enough to carry along in a demonstration. When disassembled it should take little space and be easy to carry and take along on a bicycle or public transport.

A manual will guide you to construct and set up towers and cubes. Cost will be little as bamboo sticks and thin steel wire is used, free to be cut out of a used car tire. Light, compact and easy to transport to the site of use or demonstration. A tower to carry along can easily have a height of 4 meters.
A modular display system is set up from bamboo sticks and metal cross wires identical in size to form towers and cubes. They interconnect in a free to choose way. Banners can be clipped to the bamboo stick, transparant plastic folders, containing graphics can be hooked onto these elements. Objects can be suspended within. For easy transport and storage the sticks and wires can be tied in a compact bundle, while the banners and folders can be roled around it.
The way it is constructed is identical to the way DemoUnits camping size, only reduced to half of its size.

Additional information

Fast Bannering
With banners made at the spot during a rally or demonstration the public staysinformed about the latest developments. Prepare for this with a strip of plactic, paint and a tiny paint roller. Hold a flat surface under the plastic while working with the paint roller. In less then half an hour a new big banner can be made.

Manuals in construction
At present (March 19, 2007) we work on a set of manuals needed for the making of all of the parts for the DemoUnits. There will also be a manual on how to make quickly banners, specially for use in demonstratons.
For the time being go to the two sources available already: DemoUnits, bigger and smaller size, but same construction, see details at: What materials should be used?
Steel wire for hooks size 2,5 mm, best to be made from spokes out of a normal size bicycle wheel
Steel wire for cross wires size 0,8 to 1,0 mm
Select wire of a hard quality (springy, not easy to bend)

Planned progress

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