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Most schools in Ethiopia and many other counties have no good facility for washing hands at their latrines. Impairing health, it leads to diharrea and sickness. The HyBox offers three Hy2U's for washing hands in a sturdy tamper-free box.

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Prototype Twentyfold cost reduction Applicable in modern as well as in poor economies Nutricion Health Rural as well as urban.

Hygene at schools can not be provided if there is no piped water. No piped water is common. For up to 500 pupils there are 3 latrines, one for boys, one for girls, one for staff. Schools up to 1000 pupils, also common, have double that number. Without ample use of water these latrines become filthy and dangerous for health. Yet all pupils have no other choise then to use them. Proper washing of hands in not possible. This results in degrading health and causes absetism. There is no hope piped water for washing hands at primary schools will become available soon and large scale.

The Hy2U for washing hands provides almost all that is needed: self-closing tap, therefore using very little water, reliable, easy repair, no special parts needed, very little cost. Ideal, only not sturdy enough for rough and non-supervized use at school latrines.
Solution for this problem is to put three Hy2U's in a strong wooden box. This box is made tamper free. The compartments for water can only be reached for the attendant that has the key for the padlock.
Though sturdy, the HyBoX can be decorated by painting some text and illustrations on its front

Additional information
Slide Show: "Innovation of the HyBoX"
Study this slide show presentation that gives more detailed information on how the HyBoX came into being.

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