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IziGo system for urban public transport: Call for better urban transport
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Call for better urban transport

European Footprint more than double of its capacity

At the European Parliament today, WWF and Global Footprint Network launched EUROPE 2005: The Ecological Footprint, a report showing that Europe uses 20 percent of the biosphere's services to serve seven percent of the world's population - a resource demand that has risen nearly 70 percent since 1961.

Resource Squeeze on the World's Poor
The resource crunch may not be felt yet in Europe where resource consumption is still increasing, but many of the 5.2 billion people living in low and middle income countries - large numbers of whom struggle to meet their basic material needs - have been facing an involuntary decline in their quality of life. Addressing these growing social discrepancies will be critical to global security and all people's economic prosperity.

Options for Europe The challenges posed in the report also present significant opportunities for Europe. Europe can lead the world by investing in innovations in the areas of food, health, nature management, mobility, and shelter. A green energy future, for instance, will not only be needed in Europe: by being ahead, Europe can guide the world with technologies that drive sustainability. Europe can build transport and city infrastructure that facilitates rather than thwarts the transition to a sustainable future.

Source: WWF

IziGo system for urban public transport: Call for better urban transport
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