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On this page you can find an explanation on the construction of some of our designs. We're currently in the process of constructing and digitalizing more of our manuals. If you do not encounter the information you are searching for please contact us.

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Please refer to our work and provide us with usefull feedback and comments on our design initiatives.

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We cannot be held accountable for injuries incurred during construction or usage of our designs and construction manuals.

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Look around in our former workshop in Dieren

The land around a farmhouse and a cow shed has filled up with a new suburb. The farmhouse was rebuild into a comfortable resort for a group of people. But all renovation plans for the cow shed next to the farmhouse ran stuck. So no children's farm, nor a service centre for this quarter. Filthy, with roof tiles broken, the local youth started to demolish the barn and the municipality decided to pull it down.
This was 1983 and Demotech was in need of a new workshop. After a fierce struggle with the municipality Demotech was allowed to move in.
Over the twenty years of our use of this place it turned into a -for our purpose- well equipped workshop. Come in and see for yourself!
Then, in 2004, the municipally decided to put an end to our use of the barn. In 2005 a community of 'social squatters' invited Demotech to move its research facility to the Landbouwbelang in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The Landbouwbelang' is a huge factory building with ample space. Here Demotech reconstructed all her work, test and storage facilities.

Come in, please!

The Rope Pump

Our kitchen, center of 'life' communication

Demotech office, center of experience

Demotech office, video to share experience

Our Bathroom, ideas from Ghana, tested here

Getting the message across at a string

Our main workshop, the best place for realistic design

Our metal workshop for welding, cutting, and grinding,

Water well, experiments with pumps and boreholes

Hydraulic Ram Pump, metal versus concrete

How to prepare concrete
Upstairs, our photo studio with wheel studies

Also upstairs, our storage space for bamboo and display material

Our garden, space for larger experiments

Green experiment with gray water

Green experiment with gray water

Transportation, the truck, the trailer and the car