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Make a Multi Bit Wood Drill with your bare hands!

Drilling wood, specially if you have to do it by hand, must be done in steps: first small, then a bit larger, then to size. Or as many in-between steps as needed. Woodworkers have such collections of drills, but what about when you have to start from scratch? We start with a bit a good quality steel, that is within easy reach for many people: a bicycle spoke! This series instructions show how to make with your bare hands from a bicycle spoke a multi bit wood drill.

You can do it with your bare hands, a hammer, a stone or a file, a knife or scissers as tools. As materials you need a bicycle spoke and a strip of rubber from a car inner tyre.

Any hammer is ok. Instead of a sharpening stone, you can grind the spoke on the cement floor or on a stone from the river.
Cut Spokes from a broken bicycle wheel. Cut with a chisel or hammer on a sharp edge of a piece of metal

Just as worn-down car tires can be found as scrap in poor areas, also broken bicycle wheel can often be found.
Cut off the hook at the other end of the spoke.
Find something that works as an anvil to support the spoke during cutting.
Bend double, try to make a bent like in the photo. A spokeis not easy to bend, use all of your strength, then hold it like the photo.

Not string enoung? Then bent over a sharp edge of a table or similar. When folden hold it in the positon as shown
Rubber Strip Binding
Bent Out Ends
Twist Ends Twice
Bent End
Fold End
Ready For Sharpening
Hammer Square
Sqaire End
Hammer FoldedEnd
Flattend Folded End
Hammer Loop
Hammer Loop
Flattend Loop
File Pincer Sharp
Sharpend Sqare Pincer
Sharpend Like Drill
D091_19_Sharpend Like Drill250.jpg
Cushion From Rubber Strip
Fixate Rubber Strip
Pierce Hole
Drill Small Hole
Drill Bigger Hole