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On this page you can find an explanation on the construction of some of our designs. We're currently in the process of constructing and digitalizing more of our manuals. If you do not encounter the information you are searching for please contact us.

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Please refer to our work and provide us with usefull feedback and comments on our design initiatives.

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DemoCamp-units, how to demonstrate, how to camp, how to make it

  • Learn how to use DemoCamp-units in demonstrations,
  • Create shelter and message boards at the same time when demonstrating for a longer time at the same spot,
  • Learn as a group to make all the components of the DemoCamp-unis. Closely follow the building instructions. to get accurate and swift results.

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  • How to assemble the display system from sticks and cross wires.
  • How to attach banners. How to carry through the streets and how to pass obstacles.

    Images are from a demonstration highlighting the controversies around the OVSE meeting in Maastricht.
  • DemoUnits of the camping size have demonstrative power not only when carried in a demonstration, but also when used for demonstrative camping. With Demonstrative camping a squair, street or parc is occupied by a large number of participants that want to stay there for a longer time. Purpose is to attract attention for one's cause by being very much in the way. Messages painted on the covers of the tents explain to the public what the demonstration is about. The tents should also give enough protection to the participants. The DemoUnits camping size have often been used for camping and perform well as such.
    Find here a series photo's taken for the sake of making a manual. As you will see, the lens of the camera was dusty and the light was not very optimal. One day we will make better pictures, clarifying better.
    It is worthwhile to study this manual, the construction system has few parts, only two parts that differ in shape and function, yet you will easily go astray when putting the parts together. Be a sharp observer when working and understand you have to do it this way, other ways don't work well.

    To make these parts is not difficult, but accurate work! You have to prepare well and really understand why instructons are given as you'll find them in the next pages.
    Beware! Sloppy work at this stage may result in the shamefull collapse of towers and constructions at the time of a demonstration that would otherwise be glorious effective. If you are not sure, make materials for one single prisma unit, overload it and see if or how it collapses. Then see that your work was good enough or if you could have done something better.