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On this page you can find an explanation on the construction of some of our designs. We're currently in the process of constructing and digitalizing more of our manuals. If you do not encounter the information you are searching for please contact us.

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The RopePump, the latest manuals from Demotech and manuals from all over the world

Many manuals exist on how to make a rope pump. One of the best comes from Ghana, where Demotech worked on close cooperation with a team from the National Service Secretariat. Demotech's own manuals lag very much behind the state of the research in Demotech's own workshop, reason not to have renewed them up to now. However we feel higgly obliged to do so soon after the first field test of the latest version.
Please study our former manuals and the manuals we gathered from rope pumps worked at by other organizations.

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Rope Pump Manual 1990 by members of the National Service Secretariat
Cooparatioin from Demotech and NSS started in 1984 in Saltpond. In a nearby village a rope pump was constructed on a deep bore hole. Special was the involvement of the local women in the construction. NSS later made a manual based on the construction as done in this case.
A rope pump as can be attached to the Well cover ring1986

Well construction manual, 1979
Part I, Well digging with a protection against floods. Preparard for publication in 1979, not finished. Note:

  • Digging is done using the dangerous tripod, later a better working method was found in a project in Ghana.
  • No well lining was indicated for the harder layers.
  • Rope Pump manual, 1979
    Part II, Construction of the Rope Pump Prepared for publication in 1997, not finished.
    This part documents the state of the art of Demotech's development of the rope pump. Note:

  • Two PVC-pump pipes, a fully symetrical construction.
  • Will pump water turning the pump wheel in either direction.
  • Disks are acurately cut with a special tool.