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Demotech has a long term history of collaboration with students. Fresh minds with innovative ideas can support an organization in a profound sense. This is why Demotech encourages students from different fields to file an application for an internship.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for students that are interested and enthusiastic about Demotech ideas and applications. We encourage strong and independent minds that have an idea about what is going on in their field and can contribute to the success of our organization respectively. At the same time we are looking for people that are team players, have a nice and open attitude and like to have a bit of fun.

What can we offer?
We can offer a great and intensive learning experience, a nice and innovative team, and a lot of room for own initiative and development. Depending on the internship it might be possible to be involved in projects with other NGO's.

What types of internships can you think of?
  • In general all topics named at All Designs
  • design
  • research
  • graphics & video
  • project support
    If you think you can contribute in one of these fields or in any other way just send us a letter with curriculum vitae to .

    Does your preferred choice really suit you?
    Together we will find out! Correspondence by mail, a good check on what really interest you, when possible a pre-internship of a few days.