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Here you can find information about Demotech publications and of publications of others that are interesting to our approach.

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Websites of organizations and people with which Demotech has a special personal bond.

  • HealthWrights
    This organization is dedicated to social health, specially in Third World countries. David Werner is connected to this organization. He is the author of the well known health manual "Where There Is No Doctor".
    David Werner wrote the introduction to Demotech's publication "Appropriate for women".
    Reinder van Tijen from Demotech paid a visit to the main project site of HealthWrights, Project PROJIMO in 1992. This visit resulted in the escalator for a wheel chair.
  • De Twaalf Ambachten
    Since the early seventies there always have been frequent contacts between Demotech and De Twaalf Ambachten. Many of our design initiatives are inspired by them, such as the container fed brick stove and the "Bathroom Box", a toilet system based on their initiative for the GFT-toilet system.
    The company working for promoting tiny enterprises in various industrial fields, through human technology for rural development, local self reliance, poverty eradication, exploitation removal, employment and income generation.
    Basic philosophy is Mahatma Gandhi's inspiring thinking on industries combined with practical experience. Quotes from their basic convictions:
    My Horror: Whenever I see any big factory or industry, I am horrified to look at it, because it looks me as DEMON threatening the extinction of humanity, its culture, its liberty, its freedom etc. My Solace: Whenever I see any tiny cottage industry, I am pacified to look at it, because it looks me as GOD's blessing enriching the life-style of mankind, its culture, its liberty, its freedom etc.
  • Anita Roddick of the Body Shop
    Demotech is inspired by the activism of Anita Roddick through her enterprise "Body Shop". The idea of combining activism with enterprise through the concept of franchising has inspired the idea of marketing the NightReader.
    Hans Baarslag is the man who runs with some friends his workshop in Wierden. Most of the products of HAMAR are composting toilets. Demotech develops the Bathroom Box in close cooperation with them.
    HAMAR support other project of Demotech, such as the load rack for bicycles and the container fed brick stove
    In good cooperation with the LHUMP, Demotech offers students of universities internships or research projects that can fit the educational formats for research at those universities.
    We participated in LUMPH's fair for internships and organized a workshop that fitted into their LHUMP-weekend in March 2003
  • De Nieuwe Wildernis De Nieuwe Wildernis is a one man think-tank on restoring natural vegetation, specially woods. Ruud Lardinois has a perfect command of the digital use of video and photography for his magazine and website. As such he has given Demotech a benchmark to compare
  • Rampenplan
    Very inspirig inspiration for a provider of support for social action comes from 'Rampenplan'. Rampenplan has a history of decades in providing healty food during social actions, sometimes to thousands of demonstrators.
  • Vereniging Milieu Defensie
    In the early seventies Demotech has cooperated with VMD on studies for better urban transportation, resulting in the Izigo. More recent is Demotech's participation in VMD's Bulderbos action to prevent further growth of the Dutch main airport Schiphol.

Websites of NGO's on technical support and development that relate to or interact with Demotech work: Websites giving basic information on development:
  • World Watch Institute
    Little need for ideology as the facts about development on this planet are easily accessable.
  • Matters of Scale
    Pairs of contrasting statistics paint shocking pictures of human environmental mismanagement and social inequities. The March/April issue of Matters of Scale focuses on one of the world's most environmentally destructive sports: golf. Golf takes an amount of water per day, enough to support 4.7 billion people at the UN daily minimum 2.5 billion gallons.

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