Civilian Workforce

  • Positions
    • manual skilled work in the demotech lab, building lab capacity and demonstration facilities
    • Organizing the production and sale of Demo-Camp Units
    • building democamp units for sale
    • organizing workshops for every level of audience, for university as well as for research institutions
    • technical hardware support for the demotech office
    • Fundraising and preparation for project trips abroad
    • creating and editing video
    • Many Others
  • Current Members
    • Willem van Tijen - Bicycle Design and construction
    • Guus Pisters - production and sale of Planes
    • Ralph Levie - Fundraising
  • Potential members
    • Anybody productive with both skills and interest in supporting demotech activities.
The Civilian Workforce is expected to work constructively towards demotech goals. They may or may not be paid, as decided offered by the Core Group. The Civilain workforce has three primary functions: advancing Demotech designs, producing demotech products for use and sale, and working on general Infrastructure (building the Lab, repairs, cleaning, website upkeep).

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