There is a need for a method of bookkeeping, to be used by people who plan to start a project or a joint venture, but who have no experience in the control and registration of finance. That method has to meet these three following targets:


Conventional bookkeeping is replaced by a method of filling forms of A4-size about incoming and out going money. The method of cross wise checking makes the process easier and can give the accurate results that the form demands. Accurate summaries grow out of imbricately ordered forms, so as to be able to make a sum out of sums. Such a set of imbricated forms can be photocopied, so there is no need to write down any number more then once. Again cross wise checking takes care of accuracy. Any time period can be covered in this way, from daily to yearly reports. Apart from accounting for the actual cash stream, at the same time and from the same noted numbers, separate cost allocation to specific aspects of a project can be done quickly on the same form, without having to copy. For a laymen it is not hard to check the financial aspects of a project, if bookkeeping is done in this way. Imagine if there were different views among participants on how the set up of accounting of a certain project should be managed. In that case it is possible to reorder expenses without having to rewrite any previously noted amount. This facilitates a mutual understanding and shared responsability. Financial transparancy is easily achieved which makes it easier for participants to trust each other and focus on the real targets of the project

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