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Listed below all the Design initiatives on the Demotech-Info site that have a Wiki Part. This allows people to add there own comments to each of the designs.

The wiki name of the page is Design/Dx where x stands for the design Id-number. This to relate the Wiki page to the database numbers used in the Demotech site.

  • Constructing this website (D2)
    How to use a website in the most effective way to create and access practical knowledge in support of sustainability and poverty. Facilitate creative feed back. Facilitate cooperation at a distance in specific design projects.
  • WindDrive (D7)
    Harvesting energy from the wind with low-tech means resulting in driving a small high-tech generator at high RPM.
  • Demotech publications (D11)
    Creating better access to Demotech info in different media
  • BrickStove (D15)
    A stove built from bricks burns wood that is fed slowly from an overhead container into a small heated box at a high temperature. The mass of stones for heat buffering can be smaller than usual because the fire burns longer.
  • Bookkeeping System (D25)
    Complex bookkeeping made easy to learn, gives all project participant insight in their own financial affairs.
  • Tin Bicycle (D33)
    Redesign or a bicycle to make it lightweight and foldable to be used with public transport. Redesigned to suit effective production in local workshops without much investment in tools. Sturdy for long life.
  • Sustainable Housing and Living (D35)
    Study for family size, standardized urban housing in rows, that could be build by its future users. Better use of floor space at sub-terrain and roof area. Innovative and sustainable construction techniques, using clay and wood.
  • Bathroom With Toilet (D36)
    Private sanitation for every family in a village, constructed during one single communal project, increases comfort, decreases child mortality
  • NightReader (D44)
    NightReader is a small reading light, practical in the rich world, but indispensable for a billion Third World students.
  • Open Source design (D50)
    Environmental decline can be overtaken by environmental improvement by the intense collaboration of dedicated people now possible through Internet. Demotech want to develop her design initiatives in such a way.
  • Bathroombox (D53)
    A clean, comfortable, compact box shaped toilet facility, separating urine and feaces for recycling on behalf of urban farming, meant for densely populated areas.
  • Pulley System (D55)
    An efficient water raising system based on a single pulley wheel and two couterbalancing rubber bags over a deep weel, effective for irrigation.
  • WallRack (D59)
    Wall rack, creating storage area in conditions as found in urban slums, to be manufactured by people without need for tools and without cost for materials.
  • More Joy Per Person (D61)
    What type of target should Demotech's design initiatives serve? Though there is a wide choice of ideologies available, Demotech creates a new one: We go for 'More Joy Per Person'.
  • Bathroombox (D63)
    A clean, comfortable, compact box shaped toilet facility, separating urine and feaces for recycling on behalf of urban farming, meant for densely populated areas.
  • Sustainability (D64)
    Under construction
  • Democracy Sustaining Technology (D71)
    Technology as a mayor tool and method to enhance Democracy offers equal opportunities to all. Every step in development of such a technology offers still better use of resources, functional effectiveness, takes less time and remains within sustainable boundaries.
  • Slum House (D75)
    Better living in slum areas aided by some of Demotech's designs. There is an exhibit of this in the Lab
  • Shared Innovation (D78)
    Demotech Lab as well as the Demotech website invite to participate in innovation that is crucial for reaching sustainable targets.
  • Home Work (D77)
    Change homework from low wage left-over bits industrial work into a sustainable and self-reliant effective mode of production
  • RopePump (D43)
    Re-design of the RopePump to initiate a better use of this Demotech design in its world wide application.

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