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Jump on the wagon and take action:

  • Internships
    Take an Internship at Demotech, see the list of possible intern positions

in the fields:

  • Economics, Business, Development Policies
  • Cultural, Antropology, Communication
  • Visuals: Grafics, Video, Illustration
  • ICT, Internet, programing
  • Technology, Design, agriculture
  • Legal, Intellectual Property versus Open Source
  • Journalistic, Reporting, Public Relations

Give us a chance to enlist you in the Student Research Team. For a description of the internships and assignments Demotech offers, go to the Participation page.
For a description in the Dutch language go to Participatie pagina.''

  • Workforce
    The Student Workforce forSustainability and Development (short Workforce) is a independant association of students mainly from the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands. The Workforce organizes its activities in close cooperation with Demotech. Its first members published the Workforce Manifesto.
    The Workforce has set up a 'Structure', guidelines for the interaction of its members. This structure combines proper democratic decision making with good control over planning and results. It also offers a clear picture of who does what, it offers tasks for who has time and it offers good reception for spontanious initiatives. More about this Structure at this link.
    Do you want to enroll in the Workforce? Then send an email to Matthijs and ask for the password for the Workforce section of this website.
  • Workshops
    Want a chance to learn about Demotech hands-on, learn about development and sustainability, and meet the Demotech Crew? Then come to one of our Workshops, and see how we really work!
  • Events and Exhibitions
    Demotech also gets involved in events and exhibitions. Click Here to see the events that Demotech is or is planning on getting involved in during the coming months.
  • Many other ways to participate
    Welcome are volonteers, advisers, people in other organization that can give assistace and want to engage us in their network. Read our notes on Civilian Workforce and on Advisors. To discuss how your expertise and time is best made use of, please contact Reinder.
  • Donations
    Materials and tools that come in as a gift are welcome. Call us at 043-3561623 to see how your gift can best be made use of.
    Donations in money, assigned to one of our projects, this would be a rare blessing, making a lot more possible. Contact us at +31 (0)43 356 1623 or mail Joel.
  • People that participated
    Go to the page where there contribution is remembered, to thank them, to inspire others. Their personal contribution is highlighted, if allowed, with a picture or her or his nickname.
    Expect this page (still in construction) to be personal and to reflect the pleasure of our past or ongoing cooperation.

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