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What bothers us most ...
What bothers us most is that successfully participating in a rich society creates little joy for its participants. Notwithstanding the immense use as well as destruction of recourses. Notwithstanding the cheap labor of poor people that is abundantly made use of.
What amazes us most is joy and merriness that we observe in the streets of poor countries, where people live with a hundred fold lower income.
As a research organization Demotech want to explore the reason for the lack of fun when being rich and the presence of joy when being poor. According all economic know-how it should be the other way round, but this is clearly not the case.
Demotech uses radical design to create economic conditions that differ from the normal. As such Demotech can execute action-research to find out what happens when poor people suddenly find that far more effective technologies are within their grip, without new infrastructure or education that normally is claimed to be a prerogative.

What we want to learn ...
The way in which the rope pump was successfully designed and introduced by Demotech may be repeated with her other design initiatives. We want to learn what the right conditions for this work are. We want to find out if by this work the capacity for experiencing the joy of poor people can be enhanced. We want to find if the interaction between joy and economy that seemed to be inverted can be corrected. We want to find out if a different economy based on a different technology can cure the lack of joy the present economy brings to the rich.

From all the design initiatives taken in the past, we have a clue that poverty can be redesigned into a sustainable economy that offers more security, comfort and joy than is achieved even in a successful modern economy.
Demotech research will be directed to give a firm base to this expectation and hope.

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