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Research and Documentation
Demotech targets are commented on elsewhere, but work done to achieve these targets is regarded as research. It is innovative, needs testing, needs to be brought to the critical attention of others. Demotech research can be divided into:

  • Think Tank Research
    This regards the general aspects of research directed at Demotech targets. It will apply to each element of the practical research. Its main task it to contribute to and to comment on knowledge and notions of third parties in this field.
  • Practical Research
    This regards practical projects in which the general findings are applied and tested as action research. The practical projects should illustrate these findings and prove its value regarding Demotech targets.


Another way to regard Demotech's output is by listing it as products:

  • The Demotech web site
    All Demotech info is accessible in http://www.demotech.org . Not only the work that could be regards as completed, but foremost the work that is in execution. Demotech wants to promote a swift growth of information, effective on behalf of our targets. Therefore our choice to work according 'Open Source' principles and thus a transparent documentation of all Demotech work and programs.
    To promote participation, the Demotech website has a Wiki-section that invites contributions and corrections on the subjects involved. This Wiki section relates to a HTML-part, that contains information of which editing by others is not expected.
    To facilitate ad hoc contributions or comments of outsiders, the website also has a discussion button on each page. These contributions are added as soon as possible to the relevant Wiki- or HTML-pages. An overview of recent contributions to this discussion is also available. This page can be accessed in the Menu.
    Demotech's Core Group also has a Wiki-sub group to assist internal communication.
  • The Demotech Lab
    Situated in Landbouwbelang, facility for practical research, show place to interest outsiders, a facility to invite people to discuss the potential and results of Demotech.
  • Workshops
    To create research capacity in universities
  • Field work
    To test findings and to keep a feel with 'The Real World'
  • Student Research Team
    To get the work done, to create continuity, to research on a method of rapid increase of output in similar work as Demotech by others.
  • University Team Research
    To promote independent research of students doing their final thesis for their Ph.D.. on Demotech targets.

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