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In past years many students have participated in periods of outplacement in Demotech work. This was in general successful, specially with two (or more) students at the same time to share research with. These students give each other support and help each other to find their way in the special prerogatives of Demotech. They also have a lot of fun in sharing their research environment.

As students stay only for a short time, from one to six month, Demotech prefers working with a small group of students (six maximum) from different educational fields. These students can experience this period as if being member of a think tank. The periods that students participate overlap; it should be possible for some sort of 'culture of research' to emerge in this research team that attracts new students. This 'culture of research' will be the fruit of the right kind of group interaction. Students are perfectly capable to manage their household stuff and the general work setting, as Demotech offers space for self-organizing. Work that is offered should be regarded as a challenge that students regard as their own, thus a participation of excellent quality can be generated.

Each student is offered a research task that matches her/his interest and experience and is also related to Demotech's ongoing research. This task is fine-tuned during the start of the work placement. This task will of course also match the level of education of the student.

When applying for an internship the student is asked to write an essay on a specific or on a general issue, that is related to the ongoing research at Demotech. The acceptance of a student depends on the quality of this essay. The student group has a say in acceptance of a new student.

When this approach to generate research and education at the same time proves to be productive, in the future it may be possible to get funding to finance cost for traveling and boarding.

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Student Research Team

  • Positions
    • 1 to 6 Full time Interns at a time
  • Current Members
    • None
  • Potential Members
    • All university or technical school interns who are able and willing to advance a Demotech Design
The Student Research Team is a group of interns whose role it is to advance Demotech Designs. These students are contracted for 3 to 6 months, and are directly supervised by the Demotech Core Group. They work in the Demotech Lab, and may or may not be invited to take part in field work.
Ideally, the student research team will exist in overlaping sessions, where new members arrive while old members are still working. In this way, peer learning can lighten the responsibility of teaching each new student about Demotech ideas and working habits.
The student research team will be gathered and assisted by the Student Support Team, although must be admitted by the Core Group.

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