Attach:D038_070728BurningBusTire.jpg Δ | Burning bus tire

  • The bus tire of obtained from one of the two tire repair shops. This one does also repair busses. Note: not every village has such shops. The estimated amount of these tires is about one per week.
  • This bus tire still had good profile, but a big hole on the side.
  • We covered the bus tire with soil. Also on the inside, in a way that only the rim was exposed to the fire
  • We tried to burn the tire with a small fire. This extinguished itself after a while.
  • Gasoline didn't work neither.

Attach:D038_070728TireOnFire.jpg Δ | Burning bus tire with big fire

  • With a bigger fire the tire burned well. And in some hours it burned all the way round.
  • It was difficult to control the size of the fire. It seemed to need the burning of a part of the sides as well.
  • The smoke was stinky, but not so much. Also because of the wind it didn't hinder us much. Still I feel guilty for this pollution.

Attach:D038_070728TireRemains.jpg Δ | Tire remnants

  • Because of difficulties in controlling the burning, more than necessary had burned.
  • The sides has many wires, which are the same as the small wires shown below.

Attach:D038_070728WireHarvest.jpg Δ | Wire harvest

  • The harvest of the burning is 35 loops of 2 mm steel wire in one piece.
  • The diameter of the loop is 60 cm, thus the length of wire per side would be 66 meters.
  • Still the wire is quite hard and not easy to bend.

Attach:D038_070728CableHarvest.jpg Δ | Steel wire harvest

  • The 2 mm wire is embedded in a lot of short piece of steel cable that fall of while burning the tire.
  • These parts are about 15 centimeters long and very flexible.
  • The type of wire that goes to the profiled surface is the same.

Attach:D038_070728CableHarvest.jpg Δ | Is the surface good for cement?

  • What is the surface condition of the 2 mm steel wire? What we need is a rusty or oxidized surface for good binding with the cement. I expect bits of burned rubber to stick tot the wire in an irregular way. Would it work to make a smaller diameter coil out of the original bundle or coil? Then heat is on a real hot wood fire that is fanned?
  • When the wire surface can indeed be oxidized for about 80% of its surface, then we could try if the remainder would wear off by mixing it with sand and cement. For sure this will do some grinding when the sand, cement, water and steel short bits of wire is stirred for the time that stirring has to be done to get the mix right in the normal way.
    This can be tested by washing with water the cement and sand away so the surface can again be inspected.
  • We have to consider how the wire can be cut in 60 mm bits or what the optimal length should be (Engineers without Borders should know!). How to cut it? Four wires at the same time with a steel chisel? Four wires of fewer by holding then to askew against the sharp edge of a car engine block, then hitting at the contact point with a hammer.
    We have to find a way to make these hundreds of short bits in a reasonable short time.

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