• Early this morning I went to Tzununa to see if there was a place where we could install the rampump right away.
  • There wasn't.
  • It is a very rocky river so we have to arrange the terrain first. This we will do wednesday.
  • I'm not sure if we can find a place that has a 2 meter slope over 5 meters length in an easy accessible place neither. I think I'll be satisfied with 1,5 meters as well, for it's a demonstration pump that only should take away any disbelieve that such a thing could work.
  • Now I have several possible places that could suit. I arranged with Don Carlos that we will arrange the river bed tomorrow, together with two locals, Domingo, Don Carlos and Chintu. This should be feasible.


  • At eight o'clock we (Domingo, Chintu and I) were in Tzununa. Antonio (one of the interested farmers) was already there. We waited half an hour for Don Carlos.
  • We looked for a suitable place following the river downwards. Though there were some possibilities, there was none really easy to restructure. More importantly, they were all at quite some distance from the road. It would be hard to carry the concrete parts over the rocky terrain.
  • We agreed to restructure the terrain near the lower bridge of Tzununa (NB, this is another bridge than pointed on the Google Earth images I send you earlier).
  • We started with a try to deepen the part that is vertical in the drawn map. I soon realized that this wasn't a good idea when some one told me that the river can easily gain 50cm of height during heavy rain fall.
  • The part in between the river bend was more suitable, and with some effort a slope of 1,5 m over 5 m can be created.
  • We dammed of the river a little just after the bend to increase the water level a bit.
  • We made small dams to make the bassin in the part that goes about 2 or 3 meters land inwards rather horizontally.
  • Meanwhile we excavated the soil, which should be rather understood as removing stones.

Attach:D038_TzununaDemoPumpMap.jpg Δ

  • Because of the dam and the risen waterlevel water started flowing through the place where the rampump will be poned. This was helpful to remove sand, but also created some landslides.
  • We lowered the waterlevel by removing a part of the first dam.
  • During this work two more people joined in, and at 12 o' clock the people went home to go to their fields.
  • We were also tired and decided to go home as well.

  • We're not ready yet with making the slope, but up till now even the bigger stones were removed easily. Now we have a slope of about 1 meter.
  • I think we can excavate the other half meter tomorrow.
  • The plan is to:
  • Take the rampump to Tzununa tomorrow by rented pickup.
  • Make a straight slope with rocks out of this gutter.
  • Place the heart block in it's place.
  • Build the pipes up the to dam.
  • The first pipe of the pump will than lay ON TOP of the dam.
  • The rest of the dam will be put on top of the first pipe, some 50 centimeters higher than the waterlevel, so the river won't destroy the hydram.
  • There is no need for the pump at this place. Up to the second bridge everything is coffee, which doesn't need irrigation.
  • Unfortunately there is also not much of a nearby hill. There is some 3 to 4 meters difference in height with the shore.
  • We could attach the hose to a pole or put it in a tree to demonstrate the water delivery at height.
  • The pump however will be well to see from the bridge that is part of one of the main roads.
  • I think that the people who cooperated with moving the rocks still don't have a real idea what it is all about. Nevertheless they were enthusiastic.


  • At seven o' clock we loaded the pickup with the rampump to go to Tzununa.
  • In Tzununa we were surprised by the dam being not there anymore.
  • Also the helpers of yesterday were absent.
  • We unloaded the rampump and through the river we carried to it's place.
  • Than we started deepening the place to be for the rampump
  • Meanwhile Don Carlos looked for the owner of the land. The dam removal appeared like disagrement of the owner of the rocky peace of land and the project.
  • After an hour surge, Don Carlos - who know's the village well - came back with the landowner.
  • She was not amused.
  • Domingo tried to settle it and offered her money.
  • She said that it was not about the money, but about protecting her adjacent piece of land. Fiddling with the river might mean danger.
  • We explained that there wouldn't be any danger, because there won't be a river. Besides, the last thing we want is a flood were the pump is.
  • In the end she threatened to go to court, so we let the case rest a while.

Attach:D038_D038_RiverSituationTzununa.jpg Δ

  • After an hour Don Carlos and Domingo went to the lady again to negotiate.
  • The result of a lengthy discussion that it was ok to place the pump for some days.
  • This, I considered to be insufficient.
  • The real problem was that the land is for sale. Sunday a potential buyer will visit the place.
  • Renting the small piece of land was out of the question. We could buy it for $5,000.-
  • Rather disappointed we took all the ramparts to a house, where they would be save. (I was afraid that people might demolish the pump as a form of revenge or whatsoever).
  • At noon we went home. Tired.
  • Through a telephone conversation I arranged with Don Carlos that we will wait until monday. If she hadn't changed her mind we will move the pump to another place. Most probably to San Andres.
  • The main reason is that I don't want to force the project on to the people of Tzununa. It's their choice. Other places in the village are to hard to reach to serve as a demonstration pump. The place at the bridge is sort of ideal.
  • In San Andres the river is easy accessible and the people might be more enthusiastic.
  • Don Carlos agreed.
  • This whole thing could have been prevented, but not easy.
  • As said, it took Don Carlos an hour to find the owner of the land.
  • The place didn't look much like it had an owner.
  • No one of the three people of Tzununa raised the question, nor suggestion that there could be a problem with ownership.
  • For clarity: I understand the worries of the owner and she has the full rights to reject us. It's just that the efforts to convince her that there wasn't a danger for her adjacent land failed.

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