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For the purose of discussion this note on the Demotech Approach in relation with the introducton of the Concrete Hydram it is posted here, if only temporarely.

Multiplier effects of Demotech Approach (DA) for introduction of new technologies

  1. NGO is trained to reproduce action
    • The NGO staff has got an initial training to reproduce the technology,
    • NGO staff participates in Demotech's special approach for the initial training of the community
    • The NGO is equipped with media to facilitate promotion of the use of the technology, such as means to conduct workshops, to show video's, to hand out manuals
    • The NGO develops in-house expertise or initiates technology expertise with a local entrepreneur. This expertise gets strong backing from Demotech, preferably though web contacts.
  2. Users are trained to repeat action
    • The technology itself is set up to contain repetitive tasks, to understand by doing, to gradually get used to the total technology. Thereby the chance to fail is minimized
    • the new technology makes use of- or is strongly related to local capacities. Special local skill are used in key constructive elements
  3. Users get capacity to train others, based on their own initial training, their practical daily use of the device and potential incentives that spreading the news may bring to them
    • The incentives that spreading the technology could bring to users is discussed. The NGO offers media to support user-initiatives in this regard
    • The NGO will play an active role in supplying the laymen instructors with the latest technological and developments of use.
  4. Demotech technology itself is transparent, thereby instructing and inspiring same and similar solutions
    • Users will come up with a multitude of suggestions for adaptations and alternatives. The NGO should facilitate meetings where this can be discussed among users and reported to Demotech as crucial feed back.
  5. Demotech learns from application: new ideas for remaining constrains + their realization increase speed of application
    • From the very start of Demotech's local involvement a stream of new ideas and option starts running in regard of technology and social embodiment. Demotech developed over the decades a special feel that result in new innovative approaches.
    • Demotech favors to make good use of this capacity by sharing it, not only with the local NGO, but also with trainees that go along with the Demotech team
  6. Demotech produces instruction manuals and instruction video's that should be good enough to initiate reproduction of the aids.
    • During instruction visits to users the process of learning and introduction is documented with video. This video is used to raise interest locally for ongoing workshops.
    • The making of this video is gradually left to the user group. This creates extra fun and involvement. but also trains them to make the video document that pictures their uncensored comments on the value of the device.
    • It is specially this locally made video that has the highest value of all the work that is done in the project implementation. Specially this video will convince and steer, as it represent the true story of what local value the device has or has not.

Together this is empowerment to the fullest

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